Thursday, 27 March 2014

LONDON - day 1

We woke up at 3:00am because at 3:30am we had to be in front of the high school and got on the bus and went to Barcelona airport. At 7:00am, in theory, the plane took off, but airport control didn't give the order and we took off from Barcelona 20 minutes late.
We arrived more or less at 8:00 am in London (english time), and then, first we went to the hostel and we saw the rooms, left the bags. The hostel was near to the underground, Elephan & Castle. We got on the underground and went to visit Big Ben. It's the first time that I saw it. I really like it. Then I saw the London Eye, beautiful, too. But we didn't go on it. And after all that we went for lunch in Mc Donalds. It was full, but we found a vacant table.
When we finished lunch, we went walking to the National Gallery. They have beautiful and important paintings. And then we took again the underground until Picadilly. In this street there are lot of shops: Hollister, Gap, m&m's, Hamleys,...
We went for the dinner in a restaurant and we ate pizza.
After all that, we returned to the hostel and went to sleep. Because we stay very tired, and next day, we have more. 


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