Saturday, 29 March 2014

LONDON - day 2

The Saturday was the day, that we woke up later because until 8:30 am we could not go to breakfast. When we finished eating and dressed, we got on the underground and went to see Covent Garden market. It's a beautiful market, it's a place to meet with friends, I got the feeling like it was a very familiar place. When we arrived at the market we had free time to see the market and the shops that were near to the market.

The shop that I liked the most was Jack Wills. In this shop I bought a bracelet and a cover for my mobile. 
Atfter the time that we had , we returned to the place and got on the undergroud again. Then we visited again a market but this market was Camden Town Market. I think that it's the biggest market I've ever seen. There was a food market and clothing market. When we arrived at Camden town it was very different from London city. It's like another world a beautiful world and a gothic world. But all places had views. We ate fish and chips, and the truth is that it was good. We spent the afternoon circling the market.

But at night we went to see a musical called Once. I didn't it, I loved the music and also I understood, what I thought it would cost me. But it was a beautiful experience. Who knows when we will have another opportunity to see a musical in London. 

When we finished watching the music as it was the last night in London we wanted to and do more, we went to see China Town at night. The truth that I saw here were transvestites or gay pubs. It was a lot of fun and it was worth the visit.
Then we got on the underground again until the stop Elephant and Castle and we returned to the hostal to sleep. But we were very sad because tomorrow was the last day in London.

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